Nigeria -June 9 - 19, 2022

I am so happy that I get to serve not only at home but abroad! My primary reasons for volunteering are giving back, paying forward, and blessing the community! Because of the generosity, partnership, and financial contributions of amazing people like YOU I've been able to do 2 medical missions where I was the pharmacist on duty who provided medications and supplies. I was able to richly bless the wonderful people of Guatemala and the Dominican Republic!  Now, I have been given the awesome opportunity to bless the people of Sapele, Nigeria! My trip to Nigeria will take place from June 9- 19th, 2022. I will again be providing the medication and supplies for this trip abroad. Please continue to be a blessing today so that I may be able to continue to help countless families and make a difference! From $5 to $5000 every amount counts and I have the proven history to show that I will indeed do what is necessary to provide for the people in Nigeria just as I did for Guatemala and the Dominican Republic! Together we help, heal, and provide hope!! Please consider giving today!