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Dr. Samantha DeLoache


Dr. Samantha DeLoache is a full-time pharmacist with a love for modeling & motivational speaking. She believes that women from all walks of life can have both beauty and brains, unapologetically. Through her efforts in motivational speaking, volunteering, and participating in various community initiatives, Samantha hopes to empower others to MODEL - have a Mission of Daily Excellent Living! 

Samantha is committed to service and has spent countless hours volunteering including speaking at schools ranging from primary to collegiate institutions because she believes that our youth are our future.  She takes pride in missionary work, including trips to Guatemala, Dominican Republic, and Nigeria, where she was able to raise funds to purchase medications through her pharmacy to treat patients during her trips. 

"I always feel amazing while I am volunteering,  because it not only changes the lives of the individuals but it has a tremendous effect on my life as well. I like to encourage others in any way that I can by being a living example of a woman who never gave up on her dreams. We need more positive role models for our youth and I proudly accept the responsibility. Today's youth need to know that they can pursue traditional careers as well as paths of entrepreneurship. Last but certainly not least, I enjoy participating in medical mission trips. The patients are always so overjoyed and grateful to receive some actual relief from their ailments and conditions. I truly believe that all of my hard work and planning paid off and made a huge difference. I show my service and my heart by my willingness to provide help in the form of resources, advice, and consistent support. In order to lead someone, you must first be willing to serve them."

Samantha DeLoache, a native of Orangeburg, SC, is an Honors graduate of Claflin University. She graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina with her Doctorate of Pharmacy and graduated from the Citadel Military College with a Masters of Business Administration. She has worked as a pharmacist for over 12 years while balancing full-time entrepreneurship as a model, actor, coach, motivational speaker, and credit restoration consultant. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and enjoys modeling, traveling, shopping, reading & spending time with family & friends in her spare time. 

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